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Our Goal is to stimulate a love for the game in young players by showing them how to accelerate their ownprogress and success. We promised the players should go out, with renewed energy, enthusiasm for the sport, and improved self confidence.  

Our Aim
To bring glory to the country in beach volleyball to achieve excellence in beach volleyball.
To prepare long term plan and produce international level players by importing scientific training from young age.
To obtain medals in international level specially in the 2006 Asian games.
To provide specialised training for Coaches and Referee's in beach volleyball with adiquate Acadamic support.
To invite Foreign coach/ Technical Official to give specialised traning.


Marina Beach Volleyball Club (mbvc) was formed  in the  year 1992 at the second longest historical, sparkling sands of the marina beach in Chennai. It  was founded by the Untiring Efforts of Mr. A. J. Martin Sudhakar supported by various sports loving personalities and corporate houses to develop this sport which is  played only for fun and recreation  and  the  sheer joy of victory. Later it conquers the  sands of  the planet. It is a game which is a rare combination  of freedom, grace and strength. 



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